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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ron Ng Receives Weird Messages

Ron received this brands' new cell phone yesterday, but he says himself he's not a person that would forget about the old and use the new, therefore wouldn't change cell phones often. Although he has never tried losing his cell phone, but has tried being careless and a taxi ran over his phone. Asked whether he would save 'close' pictures in his cell phone? He says, "Nope, but often I would take pictures of of my friends in bad poses, like sleeping or when they're drooling; then I would use those pictures as call display, so when they call, I'd see it, haha!" Ron started receiving annoying/disturbing messages two weeks ago, when usually no one speaks or there's a weird message. But, they aren't messages with dirty content, instead usually messages like can we be friends. But he never replied of course.

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