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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ron Ng takes boxing as an exercise

Ron Ng, who says himself he doesn’t have a big interest towards martial arts, was filming for “Men’s Pain” yesterday for a scene on martial arts. Ron says, “I learned some boxing when I was an adolescent as a type of exercise. I’ve tried fighting with an opponent and end up fighting for real ‘cause of anger, but was dragged apart by the teacher. (Did you fight with others?) Nope! But I used to like punching the bags when learning, ‘cause it’s like exercising!” Towards ‘Pang Koon’ who also some martial arts background, Ron says, “I should learn off him.”

Also, towards not zipping up his jean zipper, Ron nervously says, “I went back to the television studio and immediately told it to the make-up artist, and coworkers in the fashion/clothing room, so it’s not as embarrassing! From now on when wearing shirts, it needs to be longer than the pant. (Even your white underwear was shown in the picture?) It’s black, not white!”

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