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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ron Ng Was Once Ignored By A Salesclerk In Italy

In this year, Ron Ng often has to travel around the country for work and to shop at the same time. But when he was shopping at Italy one time, a salesclerk has actually given him a supercilious look causing him to be mad. When he returned to Hong Kong, he pledged to boycott them. He said, "At first, the female salesclerk was very nice to me because she thought I was Japanese. When she found out that I am Chinese, she changed 360 degrees. She pretended she didn't see me!"

Even though foreign shopping can be heartbreaking,
Ron still loves going on vacation. Shortly after, he flew to New Zealand for work and they are most famous for their bungee jumping. Ron said that he was afraid to play, "It's scary! Bungee jumping is like committing suicide from a building!"

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