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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ron Rather Be Rumored As Homosexual Than w/ Ella

Ron Ng and Ella Koon's rumors has been nonstop but recently a report has taken a picture of them being in the same car. Regarding this, Ron counterattacks, "Ella and I are not even dating!"

Yesterday Ron received The Sun's interview and was asked about the same car incident, "It is not true, Ella and I have not dated. We have not started nor have ended. We were just colleagues and friends. That day I was actually in Jianshazui filming my new series and Ella was in a function near by. It was along the way so I just drove Ella home. It is that simple and I would usually drive my colleagues home."

Earlier they were rumored as enemies and now recently seen in the same car. Reports have said that they pretended the 'good news' as 'bad news'. Ron said, "It is not bad news. The enemies parts were all just written by the newspapers. We did greet each other when we met during a function."

Ron's rumors has been nonstop, he said, "I had alot of rumors this year. When I was buying flowers with my manager, people wrote about that. I hope I can cooperate with guys more. (Aren't you afraid of being rumored as 'brokeback mountain'?) I'd rather be rumored as a homosexual than having nonstop rumors. I am working hard to save money to buy an apartment for my mom. After that is successful, I can think about dating."

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