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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rosanne Threatened By Crazy Fan To Leave Edison

Older sister, Rosanne, of 2R has had love rumours with Edison Chen. Originally, it is very normal for celebrities to have rumours but a 2R fan sent a complaint to Universal Music Group to tell Edison Chen off and warned Rosanne that if she did not leave Edison, he will not be their fan no more.

In 2004, Edison and Rosanne was caught going to the movies together and in 2005, Rosanne was said to have stayed overnight in Edison’s house. Their rumours have continued to build, thus displeasing this particular fan. The fan sent letters to Universal’s financial department, record department, management department and to 2R. In the letters, the fan advised Rosanne to keep away from
Edison and told her not to be any rumours again. The fan then told Rosanne to have more self respect or else she would be walking down the ‘death road’. If Rosanne did not do as the letter said, the fan will not be buying anymore of their albums.

The letter was typed on the computer but by examining to envelope of the letter, it was identified to sent by the same person. The letter also contained love song lyrics for Rosanne and showed affection with words ‘I love you’.

Regarding this issue, Rosanne said, “I am definitely scared! This is his first step, I am worried if he comes to find me next time! (Will you hire a body guard?) I have to rely on my other fans to protect me! (Will you stay away from Edison?) No, we are friends. We (2R) have always had self respect for ourselves and our image has always been healthy. I have not done anything wrong. (The person wrote about Edison very badly) The fan has his own perspective of things. I cannot stop him. (Are you dating at the moment?) No! I swear!”

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Yahoo News, The Sun


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