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Friday, March 31, 2006

Sharon Chan Reveals Her Killer 43 Inch Pair Of Legs

Yesterday Sharon Chan wore a tube top and shorts for a new advertisment, exposing her 43 inch, smooth legs. She jokingly said, "Of course I have more confidence on my legs than my upper body!" She thinks she is very healthy and doesn't mind wearing a bikini!

In the advertisement, she has to wear summer clothings like tank tops, tube tops, shorts, mini skirts, and more. It was aboslutely eye catching! She was asked if she was willing to wear a bikini and she jokingly said, "I have to see the results first. If I'm healthy, then it's no problem!" During the filming process, alot of staffs praised her of a long, smooth, straight pair of legs. She says, "I have more confidence on my legs than my chest! So I'm pretty satisfied when I wear shorts or mini skirts!"

When the topic went to body hair, she said, "When I was little, I didn't have much body hair besides my arms and eyebrows! But alot of people laughed at me causing me to have no confidence so I shaved it with a knife. That had damaged and bruised my arms! Afterwards I tried hair removal cream but I was allergic to it. Now we have permanent hair removal treatments, and it is so much easier!"

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