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Monday, March 06, 2006

Stephy Denies Secretly Meeting Up With Alex

Yesterday, there were reports stating that Alex Fong and Stephy Tang had secretly met up with each other to have high tea. When they released that they had been busted, the two immediately ran for it and left in their companies car. The driver started the engine immediately and left the scene. The reporter described that Stephy’s face was pale and nervously held onto the hand rails at the top of the car. Yesterday when she attended a function, she denied having met up with Alex and knows nothing about racing cars leaving the scene.

Stephy said, “On the day, Alex and I had to work on a photo shoot for our manager, Paco Wong, so we had time to get something to eat beforehand. But when we got off the car, we the saw the reporters and so we left. We wanted to avoid any troubles and wanted to save some time. I did not know that we were being followed until the driver told us.”

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