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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yumiko Cheng Wants A Foreigner Boyfriend

Yumiko Cheng, Fiona Sit, Angela Chang, Kary Ng and Hins Cheung were invited to film for TVB’s ‘Jade Solid Gold’ on Wednesday night. The atmosphere of the night was extreme high, with Yumiko who is well known to ‘rather have beauty than life’ dressed in a sexy dress while dancing.

There have been rumours that Yumiko has been gaining some weight as she waits to get married soon, to comment on this, Yumiko said, “I’m innocent! My weight has been the same! It’s all made up!” When asked when she wanted to get married, Yumiko said that she will start thinking when she is 30 years old and hopes to have a Eurasian baby. But she has not met the foreigner husband yet.

Fiona revealed that she had just started work on ‘Love Undercover 3’ and is worried about communicating with the Japanese leading male actor. Fiona said, “The English and Cantonese he speaks sounds like Japanese! When he talks, I cannot stop laughing. The first scene we worked on was about me liking him. (Do you have any kiss scenes with him?) I don’t know yet. It’s so hard to communicate with him that I’m not sure how we are able to do a kiss scene!”

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