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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bernice Happy To Work With Miriam & Kary

This will be Bernice's third year as the spokesperson for a slimming ad and yesterday she attended their function and played games with her fans. Bernice also revealed that of course money has been added each year and she will also film a TVC (television commercial) for them.

After using the product,
Bernice has hovered around 110 pounds the past few years compared to the 130 pounds she was during MCI, she is very fit now. When asked if she will recommend the product to rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan, Bernice laughed and said, "I don't think he is fat. If he was really in need of it, I would recommend it to him. (Do you think he has a fit body?) I have never really looked." Bernice thinks that since she has moved to Hong Kong, her body has changed. Maybe it is because many Hong Kong females are like this as well and adding that she has been busy filming series. As for what Bernice is most satisfied with, she says it is her waist.

In other news,
Bernice will record the sub themesong for her new series, "Dat Wai Hang Dung". Also, on May 13, Bernice and others from the "Lui Yi Hung" CD like Miriam Yeung and Kary Ng will hold a mini concert. Hearing that she could collaborate with Miriam and Kary, Bernice is very happy.


Bernice Liu Gives Her Waist 100 Points
Yesteday with a sexy look, Bernice Liu attended a conference for a body product brand. She appeared quite relaxed and said, "My body now is more fit than when I was in the Miss Chinese contest. I was 135 pounds back then and now I am around 110 pounds, but my chest did not shrink. (Which part are you the most satisfied with?) My waist because the sharp is very pretty!"

Being a spokesperon for three years already, she was absolutely satisfied with the salary and she also praised the brand. When asked whether she will recommend this to 'fat and not keeping fit'
Moses Chan, she said, "I don't think he's fat! Maybe because he's usually wearing lose clothings!" On the 13th of next month, she will be attending a concert with Miriam Yeung and Stephy Tang so now she is diligently practicing her singing.

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Takungpao, The Sun, Oriental Daily

Raymond Lam: Men Are Lucky

In Raymond’s new series "La Femme Desperado", he plays a progressive yet frivolous youth, and also develops with Melissa Ng a ‘sister-brother’ relationship. He admits that at first he was afraid that the audience’s thoughts would be rather conservative and not accept it, but luckily when it came out people were satisfied with it, allowing Raymond to finally remove that heavy stone from his heart. He wouldn’t object to a relationship with an older female, but she shouldn’t be any older than him than three years.

Raymond Lam, who has been away from Hong Kong for a period of time, recently has been returning to Hong Kong to promote his new series. Frequently flying between Hong Kong and China, Raymond laughs and says that he has already gotten used to the life of taking flights so often, but even if it is a little tiring, it doesn’t matter because he is doing it for the series. Raymond, who plays a progressive yet frivolous youth in the series, expressed that in real life, he’s a little bit different, so to properly portray this character, he paid his “frivolous friends” a visit and tried to understand them more. He said, “Normally I’m not like that, but beside me I have a lot of friends who have that kind of personality, so I specially went to their houses to take a look around, that way I can portray the character more realistically!”

As to his first time working with
Melissa Ng, he expressed that there were some intimidate scenes between them, and he has even worried before about the audience not accepting this “sister-brother” relationship. But who would’ve guessed that the response to this series was so good! Raymond could finally remove that heavy stone from his heart.

Has Only Dated Once
As to whether or not
Raymond can accept “sister-brother” relationships in real life, Raymond replied with a laugh, “I’ve never really objected to it. There’s a Chinese tradition that says that if a woman is older than a man, then the man will receive good fortune. But I don’t think the difference should be too great, three years should be just right, otherwise it will be very tough for the woman.” If he hadn’t said it, no one would’ve known that the handsome Raymond Lam has only had one experience with dating. He also expressed that he has always been very serious towards love, and also, towards choosing girlfriends he is rather picky. But he if meets someone who he likes, he’ll grow red in the face and not dare to take a step closer to her – which is what holds him back from finding a girlfriend.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Niki Refuses To Kiss & Hug Kevin

Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng yesterday filmed a mother day’s special for their food program ‘為美味喝’. When Niki and Kevin were taking a photo, Anne Heung was hugging and kissing her mother as she posed for a photo next to the two hosts. Kevin then told Niki to do the same to him but Niki immediately rejected the idea. When asked if she was afraid of being embarrassed, Niki expressed that she was not afraid but as Kevin is not her mother and they were not filming, she believe there is no need to kiss. Kevin then explained that it was a joke. He praised Niki by saying that she is pretty and can joke around so he is not afraid of teasing her.

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Deep: In My Heart, Nancy Will Always Have The Most Points

After revealing to the public that he was dating Nancy Wu, Deep Ng has been rumoured to have sneakily have a relationship with EO2 member, Eddie’s girlfriend. When hearing these rumours, Deep immediately stepped out to explain and was greatly supported by his girlfriend, Nancy, who said she totally trusted Deep. Being supported by Nancy, Deep is extremely happy and thankful to his girlfriend. When reporters asked if he had added points to his girlfriend, Deep exclaimed, “In my heart, Nancy will always have the most points!”

When the reporters told
Deep about Nancy supporting him, Deep smiled sweetly and said that he knew that Nancy supported him. Seeing as both of them are celebrities and have their own companies, they do not require each other to say anything, but Nancy stepping out and supporting Deep has caused Deep to be over the moon. When asked if he will be more careful now, Deep expressed that he and Eddie’s girlfriend are just friends and that he will still have contact but after this incident, he will no longer meet up with Eddie and his girlfriend in public.

Deep also said that because Nancy is busy filming a new television drama, they do not see each other frequently but will call each other everyday.

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Felix Wong's Current Life: Simple & Leisurely

Felix Wong Yat Wah is a very demure person. For the interview, the reporter borrowed a winter jacket for Felix to wear. Despite the scorching sun in the sky and the hot weather, Felix put on the jacket. Without even fully adjusting the jacket in place, Felix took a digital camera and started taking self-photos.

Another example of Felix's demure personality is how he entered TVB's acting academy in 1979. Although it was not his own personal goal at the time, he embraced it. "After graduating from high school, I did not find a job yet. My neighbors suggested that I join TVB. Everyday, the housewives would pester me about it. They even obtained the application form for me. So I finally applied to TVB, taking a small step at a time."

Felix said that over the course of his career, he has accepted filming projects when there is work. He never made a long-term plan for himself, nor did he try to create better opportunities for himself. In the last 5 years, Felix's filming projects have decreased dramatically and his life has become even more tranquil.

"I don't like a [complicated] life; the simplicity of my current life is much better. What about money? As long as you have enough to spend, then that's fine. If there is a filming project that happens to come in my way, then I will take it. For example,
Andy Lau Tak Wah asked me to film 'Wait Till You're Older,' so I took the role."

While speaking, Felix would often smile doltishly, just like his Kwok Jing character in "Legend of the Condor Heroes." Felix said, "Yes, in the series, I was just acting like myself!"

With such an unambitious and quiescent personality, it is extremely difficult to survive in the entertainment industry. Yet Felix's fame has only increased with time and not diminished over the last 26 years. Felix selected the place to meet for the interview. He picked a local unassuming cafe. Felix said that he does not feel that he is a big star and that he is not used to interviews. So he picked a simple cafe, which he feels is more suitable to have a comfortable chat.

Felix's Family
Over the course of his career, Felix had very few rumors. The only exceptions were in the 90's when he had rumors with Ada Choi Siu Fun and in 2000, when tabloids claimed that Felix's wife, Leung Kit Wah, had an extra-marital affair with a colleague in her insurance company.

Felix explained calmly, "That was just fabricated news by the tabloids. At the time, they liked to report news of that nature. But the type of news that tabloids publish now is even more horrifying!"

"After that incident about the alleged extra-marital affair, my relationship with my wife improved. We started to understand each other even more, trying to see things from each other's perspective and consult regularly with each other with more confidence. Mutual trust and accommodation are very important in a marriage."

"I now drive my wife to work daily. When I don't have work and she is off, we will go to the supermarket to buy groceries to cook at home. As for being romantic, my wife is much better than me. I will only buy flowers and small gifts on designated holidays and birthdays. However, she will occasionally give me some small surprises! Haha!"

Felix and Leung Kit Wah started dating in 1982. They got married in 1988 and 2 years later, their daughter was born. "My daughter is almost 16 years old this year. She is in Form 4 and will be taking her school examinations next year. Luckily, she normally does quite well in school (top 5 in her class), so I am not worried."

"I have a good relationshiop with my daughter, mainly by accomodating her. She is interested in Japanese culture, so I will chat with her about which singers/ actors appeared in which dramas. As to the concerts that she wants to see, I will attend with her. We go to Japan almost every year. As to deep conversations, she often chats with my wife more."

"I asked my daughter if she is dating, but she said she does not have a boyfriend. If she were dating in the future, I would ask her to bring the guy home, so that I can see what type of person he is."

"My daughter has strong performing skills too. In the past, she enjoyed singing, now she is involved in her school's drama productions. If she would like to enter the entertainment industry, I would insist that she complete her education first. But the best thing is that she doesn't enter the industry, as the industry is quite complicated by nature."

Felix said that his family is much more important to him than his career. "Your career will come to an end one day. But your family will always be with you; until the day you die, you have to be responsible for them. Of course family is more important!"

Did Felix consider himself to be a good man? Felix said, "Only partially. I still have not quit smoking yet. In the past, I was often filming outside of Hong Kong and did not have too much time at home with my wife and daughter. But my workload has been reduced lately, so I spend more time at home. My relationship with my wife and daughter has improved as a result."

Since Felix's mother died in 2000, Felix has vowed to cut down his workload. "My mother had a hard life; she never had a chance to enjoy it before passing away. After raising my 3 siblings and I, she died. If I didn't cut down my hectic filming schedule, maybe it would be my turn [to die] in a few years. It's not worth it!"

Felix said that since he made the decision to cut down on his workload, he has rejected more work projects than he has accepted in the last few years. Felix will only occasionally act and pick up mainland China advertising ads. Felix's current life is very leisurely, somewhat like a "non-engaged youth."

"In my free time, I usually play soccer, go bowling, drive my wife to work, pick up my daughter from school, and play computer games and crossword puzzles. Over the last 20 years, I am at the happiest point in my life right now!"

Does Felix's wife mind that he's not working? "No, actually she has become happier." (Is there a problem in paying for daily living expenses?) "My income has decreased and I am no longer earning as much as before. But as long as we have enough money, then that's fine! We have never attached too much importance on money and material-goods. I don't spend a lot of money on a daily basis: only breakfast, lunch, and sometimes bowling. Playing soccer is free."

The reporter saw that Felix wore a simple t-shirt and jeans, while carrying a thermos with tea inside. Felix was still driving the same car from 10 years ago, a Toyota Exvi. It's true that he has simple habits.

Does Felix plan to continue living his life in the same manner? Felix smiled a bit doltishly, "Wah, that would be awesome!"

Tired Inside His Heart
Although Felix's life became more simplified with less workload in the last 5 years, he rarely watchs television dramas. "The last drama I watched was Liza Wang and Damien Lau's "Awakening Story." I saw the first episode and was attracted by the series. Since I'm an actor myself and filmed so many series, I don't like to watch dramas anymore!"

Over his 26 year career, Felix has filmed more than 70 series. Felix is not fond of those days when he was filming day and night. "I was too obedient! Whatever TVB offered to me, I took the role. My work attitude was very hard-working, with modest requests, and did not complain about hard work. I was very easy to work with, so producers liked to collaborate with me."

"Fame and popularity? I was just lucky! I have never thought that the first drama I had a major role in, 《過客》 with Carol Cheng Yu Ling would be so well received. But at that time, TVB's famous leads such as Chow Yun Fat, Ray Lui Leung Wai and Wong Yuan Shen, they all wanted to leave. As a result younger actors like myself had an opportunity, so I was very lucky!"

"At the time, I was busy filming, so I didn't have time to consider anything else. I only knew what time to arrive at work. If there's not enough time to return home after filming, I would sleep overnight at the studio. If the scene doesn't involve me, I would have to take care of myself, unlike the artists today who have their own managing agents to help with their work schedules."

Did Felix regret spending his youth devoted to filming non-stop? "I remember that after I became popular, I was so busy with filming that I didn't play soccer for 4 years! That was really miserable!" Felix wrinkled his brows and shook his head at that thought.

The reporter felt that Felix's personality did not fit the entertainment industry. "Yes, I only think of acting as a job. People say that you have to make the right connections with the right people, but I don't do that. If it is unnecessary, I do not go to social gatherings to rub shoulders with the 'right people.'"

The 5 Tigers
said that over the years, his friends have been members of the HK Celebrity Soccer Team. He has also grown closer to Andy Lau Tak Wah. "I had more free time over the last 2 years. Andy has also changed, trying to get back in touch with old friends. In our spare time, we will play bowling or go to his house to chat."

"Andy wanted me to learn bowling, as he is a big fan of bowling. Bowling is quite fun. If I don't play well, Andy will scold me. In the shortest time possible, he taught me the most suitable way to play. Andy is not only serious about his work, but when it comes to play, he is competitive as well."

As for the other 3 Tigers Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Michael Miu Kiu Wai and Kent Tong Jun Yip, Felix said, "Tony is even more self-absorbed than me. He is quite mysterious and doesn't say much, so you will not know what he is thinking. Michael has great leadership skills, which is why his former eyeglass business succeeded. As for Kent, he is best in socializing with people and has the largest number of ideas. Kent started his own production company."

Felix admitted that aside from Andy and himself, there is not much contact among the other members of the 5 Tigers. Was Felix the least ambitious among the group? "Yes, that's absolutely true."

Felix said, "Back in the 1980's, there were a lot less tabloid reports than nowadays concerning actors. Most of the entertainment gossip about the 5 Tigers was true. Everyone has pretty much settled down with their own families, except Andy, who had some gay rumors before...."

The reporter immediately changed the topic; how does Felix feel about the "New 5 Tigers?" Felix widened his eyes, "There's a 'New 5 Tigers?'" The reporter referred to Raymond Lam Fung, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Sammul Chan Kin Fung, and Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. "I do know Kenneth since he plays soccer. But I haven't worked with any of the guys and have not watched their performances before."

Felix said that in his spare time, he normally watches the news, soccer, Animal Planet, and AXN channels.

Epilogue: Sentiments in the Setting Sun
During the photo shoot,
Felix's jacket reminded the reporter of his image in "Soldier of Fortune." Felix is very approachable, so he is a very likeable person. Many people born in the 1970's or before will also cherish the 1980's and remember Felix fondly.

The reporter liked Felix because he resembled another Taiwanese singer, Lau Man Ching. At the time the reporter was still young. Over the years, it was revealed that Lau was actually homosexual and has retired in the USA. Who would have thought that 26 years later, the reporter would have a chance to interview Felix Wong, drinking tea and smoking with him?

"A leisurely spirit like floating clouds,
Human sentiments in the setting sun."
--- Li Bai ("Sending a Friend Off")

Looking at Felix Wong's departing backside, the years have passed quietly. In the future, when will there be a chance to meet again?

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Express Weekly #373

Bernice Leans On Moses' Shoulder In Fashion Show

Always labeled as a couple, Bernice Liu and Moses Chan doesn't mind being a 'couple' to make a living. Earlier they were holding hands for a fashion show and now yesterday, Bernice was leaning on Moses' shoulder.

When asked why they didn't hold hands this time, Bernice joked, "They never requested it but I wouldn't mind." The two of them often exchanged looks with each other on stage and it seems like 'couple' is suitable for them. When asked whether their tacit relationship is true feelings,
Bernice said, "This is our second time in a fashion show and we've filmed advertisements together. Tacit relationship? It's okay!" Moses, who's face turned red, just laughed foolishly and said, "It's so hot wearing this jacket!"

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The Sun

Ada Choi: Extreme Villian In "Dance Of Passion"

"Dance of Passion" will be broadcasting next Monday, May 1st. Lately there have been frequent and large-scale promotional activities leading up to its broadcasting date, including a premiere held at the IFC theater. Ada Choi Siu Fun appears as a villian in the new series. Ada has high expectations of the series and said that it is one of her representative works in her career.

"I feel very lucky that I am able to be part of this series, as it is a very high quality production. I hope the audience will enjoy it too."

In recent years,
Ada has often acted as good-natured heroines, however in "Dance of Passion," she will appear as an extreme villian. Ada said that she has a love-hate attitude towards her role. "This was a challenging role to play. When I first received the script and realized that I would be the clan leader, playing Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu's mother-in-law. It's difficult to pursuade the audience due to my age. In the past, I have normally acted as young, fun-loving characters."

"My character in 'Dance of Passion' is a very strong-willed woman. She became the clan leader when she was only in her 20's. But the producer, Chik Kei Yi, helped me immerse into the role. Also the make-up artists helped a lot in producing a [more mature image] to make the final outcome more believable."

Ada has always been a guarantor of high ratings and since she is playing a villian this time, it is not hard to imagine that "Dance of Passion" will have very successful results similiar to "War and Beauty."

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The Sun

Kevin Cheng Exceeds Boundaries As Program Host

Recently Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's popularity has increased dramatically. In June, Kevin and Nnadia Chan Chung Ling's "Trimming Success" will be broadcast in Hong Kong. Kevin has also been hosting a food program with Niki Chow Lai Kei. As a first time program host, Kevin had many worries! Kevin said, "In the past, I would definitely have rejected this hosting job!"

"Normally I am not a very talkative person, how can I be a host? But my mentality has changed in the last year. Actually being a program host is a new challenge for me. I am very grateful for this opportunity!"

Kevin and Niki had many NG's during filming. Kevin said, "After I warm up, then it's not a problem. When I first started, I was not used to the type of dialogue that a host has to speak. In filming series, the dialogue is more situational and close to real life."

Kevin laughed and said that he has a weak memory, often forgetting his scripted lines. "My food program is considered a casual program. That's why I really admire Carol Dodo Cheng and Lydia Shum as they often host grand-scale events with long scripts. I chatted with the producer of my food program and he said that as long as I get the major points across, that's fine. I do not have to follow the script word-for-word, which makes the delivery much easier."

"Actually being a host can help you develop a more personable side. This is lacking in filming series. However being a host is not my strength, so I only plan to do it occasionally and not on a long-term basis."

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The Sun

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ron, Raymond, & Kevin Meet Ms. Lok For Lunch

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Raymond Lam Fung, and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing were spotted at TVB's cafeteria having a friendly lunch with executive manager, Ms. Lok Yi Ling. They were chatting happily with each other.

Earlier there were rumors that Ron and Kevin did not get along with each other, that Ron had lost favor. However, Ms. Lok often chatted with Ron, who was sitting next to her. She often touched his watch, so it is obvious that Ron did not lose favor with Ms. Lok. Also Ms. Lok did not forget to chat with Kevin who was sitting opposite her.

Reporters contacted Kevin afterwards. Kevin said he did not mind the silly rumors regarding him and Ron. He would often joke with Ron, "'Hey I don't get along with you, go away!' We both know that they're only rumors, so we don't place it in our hearts."

It appeared that Kevin was having a good chat with Ms. Lok in the cafeteria? "Yes, all three of us love watches. Ms. Lok said that she knows a watch dealer and could introduce him to us." Kevin joked and said that his watch was the least expensive.

Since Kevin entered the industry much earlier than Ron and Raymond, is there a communication problem due to their age gap? Kevin joked, "We have a lot of fun together. Men never grow up. Although we are from a different generation, there is no communication problem."

Ron also commented that the three of them were actually waiting for Bosco Wong Chung Chak to film a promotional clip for the World Cup Championships. "It's nothing special; we were just gathered together. We have more opportunities to all work together due to the World Cup Promotions. Also Ms. Lok takes care of all of us and we are all good friends!"

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The Sun

Raymond, Ron & Sonijia Surrounded By People, Kevin Left Out

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng and Sonija Kwok returned to Hong Kong from Thailand on Monday night. Many fans were at the airport waiting for the arrival of their idols, while reporters waited to take photos and get news. As the idols emerged, people ran to their targets. Sonija was the target of the reporters and so, was seen surrounded by flashing lights. Raymond was encircled by masses of eager fans while Ron had a few. As for Kevin, he only had his assistant. But on the way to his car, a passer by stopped him and claimed to be his fan. It is not known if this had affected his feelings but when reporters tried taking photos of him, he appeared annoyed and asked the reporters to stop.

Raymond was the most popular out of all the celebrities as fans surrounded him. It took quite a while for him to get to his car. Regarding his trip, Raymond disclosed that the fans were extremely friendly when he saw them while promoting TVB. Besides working, Raymond was kept company by reporters when he went out to eat.

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Kevin Cheng Takes Lessons From Joey Yung's Music Teacher

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing was at a promotional event for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream yesterday. When reporters asked if Kevin has been taking singing lessons from Joey Yung Cho Yi's music instructor lately, Kevin admitted that yes he has.

Kevin met Christine (Joey's instructor) through a friend's introduction. His friend said that Christine is a wonderful teacher, especially in teaching students how to control their voice during singing, especially holding long notes. Kevin said that Christine has not shown him how to hold long notes yet.

Since Kevin had contract disputes with his former music instructor, Dai Si Chung, did Christine ask about the contract details? Kevin said that Christine has asked through text messaging, but not in detailed manner.

Kevin said that he is paying for music lessons with Christine and there will not be a contract between them. Kevin also joked that he is Joey's junior since she took singing lessons from Christine first.

Since Kevin will be appearing as a guest at Lau Ka Cheung's music concert, he has been taking music lessons with Christine. Will Kevin also take lessons with Lau? Kevin said that when they practice together in the recording studio, Lau had already given him a lot of useful pointers. Lau is an experienced musician so his advice will benefit Kevin greatly.

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Oriental Daily, The Sun, Appledaily

Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui In New Series

Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Kate Tsui Tsi San, and Michelle Mai Shuet were at the costume fitting for new series "Breakthrough Action" ("Dat Wai Hang Dung"). Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Steven Ma Chun Wai have also been confirmed to appear in the series, but they were unable to appear at the costume fitting due to their work schedules.

"Breakthrough Action" is produced by Mui Siu Ching and the series will revolve around horse racing.

The leading ladies all appeared in expensive designer fashions yesterday. The crystal-studded sunglasses which
Michelle Mai Shuet wore was especially sponsored by an American designer. There are only 2 pairs of these sunglasses available in the world. Madonna was once willing to pay $780,000 (USD) for them, but was still unable to purchase them successfully. Producer Mui Siu Ching also mentioned that in the series, the leading actresses will be wearing a lot of designer clothes from sponsors.

Bernice and Shirley will be portraying characters which they have never acted before. In the series, Bernice Liu's character is born in a wealthy family, so she will have a lot of beautiful clothes to wear. Bernice will be returning to Hong Kong as a student from Canada and she will be paired up with Steven Ma. (Will Bernice have any kissing scenes with Steven?) Bernice said she doesn't know yet.

Also another challenge in portraying her role is that at the outset of the series, her character will only be 16 years old. Thinking back to the time when she was only 16, Bernice said that she wore heavy eyeglasses at the time. Bernice will also be singing the sub-theme song in the series.

Bernice wore DKNY at the costume fitting yesterday. She also mentioned that as her character is very feminine, she will be wearing high heels most of the time.

Shirley Yeung will be playing a villian in the series. Her character is a fashion designer who will do anything in order to succeed. As a result, Shirley's image will be more mature in "Breakthrough Action."

Earlier there were reports that Shirley, in order to earn money to purchase a new home, went to some crude location to stage a concert. Rumors also claimed that Shirley was taken advantage of by the men present. Shirley was bothered by the rumors and explained, "My concert arrangements were made by TVB. I was only performing by myself. The audience was quite excited in seeing a Hong Kong artist. But the tabloids exaggerated on the story."

(Did Shirley dress very sexily at the concert?) "Not really; I did not dress sexily intentionally. Please do not write anymore about these rumors."

Several days earlier, Steven, Ron, Shirley, and Kate went to practice horseback riding to prepare for "Breakthrough Action." Aside from Kate, the other actors had already had basic horseriding training from filming previous series. The horseriding lesson was just a refresher course to help them master the basics.

As Shirley had previously fell from a horse while filming "Blade Heart" in Beijing, she was very careful when she got on her horse. Shirley said, "Since I had a horse riding accident before, I do feel wary. If I fall again and hurt my spinal cord, then it will be quite troublesome. But I will try to overcome my fears."

Kate had been on a horse before while competing in Miss Hong Kong. Although she never had formal riding lessons, she finds horse riding to be a lot of fun.

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Mingpao, TVB Magazine #462, Netease

Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi, Maggie Shiu, Etc. At "Dance Of Passion" Premiere

Gigi Lai Chi, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Ada Choi Siu Fun, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and other cast members attended the premiere for "Dance of Passion." All the actresses wore beautiful dresses, with Gigi's Louis Vuitton dress the most expensive, valued at six figures. Ada and Charmaine also wore designer dresses valued at five figures as well.

Gigi was dressed in Louis Vuitton from top to toe, including sponsored shoes, watch, bracelet, and purse. Including her dress, her total Louis Vuitton ensemble is valued at $200,000 (HKD). Gigi said, "The Louis Vuitton purse that I am carrying is the only one available in Hong Kong. It is a very expensive item and I feel worried carrying it out with me." (Did Gigi plan on purchasing the purse?) Gigi joked and said that she would have to borrow money in order to afford it.

Gigi also noted that when she browses fashion magazines, she will note down the clothes that she likes featured in the fashion photographs. She will then let the designer label sponsors know which clothes she likes so that they can make the styles available to her.

"Dance of Passion" will be broadcasting next Monday. Is Charmaine Sheh worried that people will compare it to "War and Beauty?" Charmaine said no, as they are different types of drama. Is Charmaine hoping to win awards for her role in the series? "It's hard to say because everyone performed very well in the series." (Is "Dance of Passion" Charmaine's representative work?) "As long as I am not retired, I would not have a representative work yet."

Bowie Lam is full of confidence about "Dance of Passion." Who will Bowie root for [the 'Best Actress Award'] this year? Bowie said, "I don't know, as the series has not been broadcast yet."

Allegedly while filming a physical scene with Wong Tak Bun, Maggie Shiu's old back pains came back. Maggie said, "These are old backaches. When I was filming I felt fine, but the pains came afterwards. Since I couldn't even sit down, I had to see the doctor. Now I am feeling better."

On the other hand, Ada Choi Siu Fun went on a gospel trip with several friends, but flew back to Hong Kong especially for the premiere. Ada revealed that she will have to fly to Rome next to continue her gospel trip. Ada said that although the itinerary has been tiring (resulting in aches and swollen feet), she feels an immense satisfaction from the trip.

Ada spent more than several thousand dollars on airfare in returning to Hong Kong. Did TVB pay for the expenses to have Ada fly back for the promotion? "I paid for the travel expenses to return to Hong Kong. I am full of confidence for this series, so I had to come back to attend tonight's event."

Fun Fact from Sehseh: Bowie wore a 5 figure Emporio Armani suit while Moses jokingly said that his own apparel only cost him less than 500 bucks.

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The Sun, Takungpao, Xinhuanet, Appledaily, Netease

Bosco Wong Saves Tavia Yeung From Drowning

Tavia Yeung Yi's character has a 37D figure in "Dou Cheung Fung Wan." Tavia was filming a water scene with Bosco Wong Chung Chak yesterday. In the scene, Tavia wanted to catch the attention of the wealthy Lee Tin Cheung, so she entered a swimming competition. However, Tavia suddenly had leg cramps while in the water, so Bosco's character rescued her.

Tavia had to wear a swimsuit and enter the water with the extra weights on her chest. Tavia is not very good in swimming and she was afraid that the extra weights would send her straight underwater.

Tavia explained. "When I was seven years old, we went to the water park to play. While I was on the water slide, another child from behind pushed me into the water. When I was young, my elder sister always forced me to learn how to swim. So I have always been wary of the water." Since the weather was quite cold yesterday, Tavia was shivering after being in the water.

Although Bosco is a good swimmer, he has been physically tired lately due to the constant day and night filming. So he was afraid that he couldn't handle the [rescue] scene. Although Bosco had been filming opposite the sexy Tavia lately, he said he has grown accustomed to her new image.

Bosco also said that he prefers "modestly built" women. "Tavia is very tomboyish so her new figure is not suitable for her. I also personally dislike big chests; medium size is fine!" (Does Bosco feel fortunate that he is filming opposite the 'well-built' Tavia?) "No. They are also not real!"

Standing nearby, Tavia ignored Bosco's comment and said, "I feel proud of my figure!"

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Myolie Loses 3-4 Pounds While Trying To Gain Weight

Yesterday Myolie Wu attended the 《樂施會中國發展基金2006》 fund. Earlier as an ambassador, she went to the Guizhou countryside to visit the local doctors and the sick villagers. Myolie, who is working hard on gaining weight for a new series, worries that her blood pressure might be high and immediately looks for the village doctor there. But luckily, everything is normal. Because of excessive fatigue, she had slimmed 3 to 4 pounds. Therefore she expressed that she will temporarily stop all work and focus on gaining weight.

Myolie saw that the villager's dwellings were all covered with spider webs and seeing the hardships of the villagers caused Myolie to get teary-eyed. She tells her fans to not waste their money and give her bird nests, but to donate a hundred Yuan each month to the charity instead.

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