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Friday, April 28, 2006

Ada Choi: Extreme Villian In "Dance Of Passion"

"Dance of Passion" will be broadcasting next Monday, May 1st. Lately there have been frequent and large-scale promotional activities leading up to its broadcasting date, including a premiere held at the IFC theater. Ada Choi Siu Fun appears as a villian in the new series. Ada has high expectations of the series and said that it is one of her representative works in her career.

"I feel very lucky that I am able to be part of this series, as it is a very high quality production. I hope the audience will enjoy it too."

In recent years,
Ada has often acted as good-natured heroines, however in "Dance of Passion," she will appear as an extreme villian. Ada said that she has a love-hate attitude towards her role. "This was a challenging role to play. When I first received the script and realized that I would be the clan leader, playing Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu's mother-in-law. It's difficult to pursuade the audience due to my age. In the past, I have normally acted as young, fun-loving characters."

"My character in 'Dance of Passion' is a very strong-willed woman. She became the clan leader when she was only in her 20's. But the producer, Chik Kei Yi, helped me immerse into the role. Also the make-up artists helped a lot in producing a [more mature image] to make the final outcome more believable."

Ada has always been a guarantor of high ratings and since she is playing a villian this time, it is not hard to imagine that "Dance of Passion" will have very successful results similiar to "War and Beauty."

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