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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bernice Eats Bird's Nest To Stay Healthy

Yesterday, Bernice Liu appeared at a bird's nest function for Metro. She revealed that the past 2 years she has started eating bird's nest regularily because as an artiste, they do not eat their meals at the usual times. Also, they do not receive much sleep so her mother and godmother often make bird's nest for her. But since her mother is not always in Hong Kong and is not always their to take care of her, Bernice's mother taught her a secret faster way to make it.

Also earlier,
Bernice's rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan, was spotted with Jolin Chan Yuen Kei leaving a lobby together. When asked if Bernice had asked Moses for an explanation, she replied, "I wasn't in Hong Kong that day so I'm not sure what the situation is. (Do you trust Moses 100% as a friend?) We are just friends so there isn't a certain trust there."

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