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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bernice Happy To Work With Miriam & Kary

This will be Bernice's third year as the spokesperson for a slimming ad and yesterday she attended their function and played games with her fans. Bernice also revealed that of course money has been added each year and she will also film a TVC (television commercial) for them.

After using the product,
Bernice has hovered around 110 pounds the past few years compared to the 130 pounds she was during MCI, she is very fit now. When asked if she will recommend the product to rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan, Bernice laughed and said, "I don't think he is fat. If he was really in need of it, I would recommend it to him. (Do you think he has a fit body?) I have never really looked." Bernice thinks that since she has moved to Hong Kong, her body has changed. Maybe it is because many Hong Kong females are like this as well and adding that she has been busy filming series. As for what Bernice is most satisfied with, she says it is her waist.

In other news,
Bernice will record the sub themesong for her new series, "Dat Wai Hang Dung". Also, on May 13, Bernice and others from the "Lui Yi Hung" CD like Miriam Yeung and Kary Ng will hold a mini concert. Hearing that she could collaborate with Miriam and Kary, Bernice is very happy.


Bernice Liu Gives Her Waist 100 Points
Yesteday with a sexy look, Bernice Liu attended a conference for a body product brand. She appeared quite relaxed and said, "My body now is more fit than when I was in the Miss Chinese contest. I was 135 pounds back then and now I am around 110 pounds, but my chest did not shrink. (Which part are you the most satisfied with?) My waist because the sharp is very pretty!"

Being a spokesperon for three years already, she was absolutely satisfied with the salary and she also praised the brand. When asked whether she will recommend this to 'fat and not keeping fit'
Moses Chan, she said, "I don't think he's fat! Maybe because he's usually wearing lose clothings!" On the 13th of next month, she will be attending a concert with Miriam Yeung and Stephy Tang so now she is diligently practicing her singing.

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