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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bernice Leans On Moses' Shoulder In Fashion Show

Always labeled as a couple, Bernice Liu and Moses Chan doesn't mind being a 'couple' to make a living. Earlier they were holding hands for a fashion show and now yesterday, Bernice was leaning on Moses' shoulder.

When asked why they didn't hold hands this time, Bernice joked, "They never requested it but I wouldn't mind." The two of them often exchanged looks with each other on stage and it seems like 'couple' is suitable for them. When asked whether their tacit relationship is true feelings,
Bernice said, "This is our second time in a fashion show and we've filmed advertisements together. Tacit relationship? It's okay!" Moses, who's face turned red, just laughed foolishly and said, "It's so hot wearing this jacket!"

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