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Monday, April 10, 2006

Bernice Liu Designs Featured On Clinique Products

Bernice Liu Bik Yi has been a spokesperson for Clinique Skincare products and has always had a good collaboration with them. Recently, Bernice has been invited to design the packaging for Clinque's whitening products. The products featuring Bernice's custom-designed boxs will be available for sale in limited quantities in April.

Since Clinique's whitening products is based on the "crystal-clear" theme,
Bernice's 3 designs also incorporate the use of multi-colored crystals. Bernice said, "I designed a cherry, ice cream, and butterfly knot logo for Clinique's packaging, to reflect the themes of Spring. The designs are printed in different colors, allowing girls to choose Clinique products of their personal preferences and their favourite toner easily."

Bernice said that she has had a good partnership with Clinique. "My skin is very sensitive and I like to use products which are fragrance-free. I like Clinique's products because many of the products are very natural. Due to my skin's special needs, Clinque has been able to offer products which are suitable for my skin."

Bernice said "I am very pleased to have been invited to design the packaging for Clinique's whitening collection. I have always enjoyed design. Having my own package design has been a long-time goal for me."

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