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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bernice Liu, Eye Candy At Fashion Show

Bernice Liu yesterday performed at a fashion show, modelling the latest fashion of spring and summer. Although she did not reveal as much as the models in bikinis, Bernice in a deep V dress was eye candy to the many people present.

Bernice laughed and commented, “This outfit goes with the theme of the fashion show. I am very comfortable when wearing this dress as it has a natural style and so, it is not too sexy. Before the actual show, the organisers let me try on some clothes and I chose to present the clothes I modelled.” Bernice, who owns a sexy ‘devil’ body, was asked if she was interested in modelling bikinis and lingerie. Regarding this, Bernice said, “It will depend on the style. As an artist I have to consider many things because it may affect my image.” When questioned about what she considers too sexy to wear, Bernice said, “I have no limits but it has to be comfortable.”

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The Sun, Mingpao


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