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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bernice Liu & Moses Chan Modelling Together

Bernice Liu Bik Yi and Moses Chan Ho appeared at a modelling event together. This is the third time that Bernice and Moses have appeared as a "couple" together at a promotional event.

In the past, Bernice and Moses appeared at a fashion show together holding hands during the catwalk. In order to give a sense of freshness this time at the promotional event, Bernice pretended to call Moses. When Moses received the call, he acted cool and hung up. Afterwards, Bernice put her arm around Moses' waist and both of them entered the backstage together.

When reporters interviewed Moses later and asked him what was the meaning behind his gesture on hanging up on Bernice's call? Did it mean that Moses was already successful in pursuing Bernice? Moses blushed and said, "Please don't ask me these kind of questions! Please behave!"

Bernice mentioned that the sponsors gave Moses and Bernice cellular phones engraved with their own names. Reporters joked and said that Moses and Bernice can exchange their cellular phones; it would be similiar to exchanging wedding rings.

Again Moses protested and told the reporters not to "frame" the situation that way. The reporters teased Moses and said that he was blushing again. Moses immediately took a deep breath to relax himself.

Also the day before, Bernice had appeared at a skincare promotional event. There have been rumors lately that Bernice was overtaking Cathy Tsui Tsi Kei's territory due to Bernice's increasing ad and promotional endorsements. Allegedly, this has angered Cathy and caused rife between them. Bernice clarified and said that she often does fashion catwalks with Cathy. Each time they see each other, they are on good terms and would chat with each other.

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