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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bernice Liu Shows Her Sex Appeal In New Advertisement

Last night for a health food advertisement, Bernice Liu showed her sex appeal by wearing a sexy white tank top and mini shorts. Being a spokesman for three years already, she was totally satisfied with the salary. She also said that her weight right now is only 100 pounds and her chubby stomache is completely gone.

Bernice was asked whether she wants to go tanning in a bikini in the summer and she said, "No, you have to keep fit as an actress. But I did try going tanning in a bikini before and that's good that no one recognized me."


After losing the baby fat she had when first entering showbiz, Bernice Liu's self-confidance has come back. Yesterday night, Bernice was shooting the commerical ad for Tenseslim in a white top and short shorts revealing a waistline to die for. When asked how the salary figure was, Bernice thought she was very satisfied.

In the past, Bernice's stomach stuck out making her look very ugly but this time she has lost that fat. She is now 110 pounds. When asked if she dieted so that she could go tanning in a bathing suit over the summer, Bernice shyly replied, "No, actually to be a artiste, you must keep fit. But I once went to the beach to go tanning by myself. I wasn't wearing a bikini but it was still a two-piece suit. Touch wood, I didn't get photographed!

Also, last night while filming, it did appear that Bernice's skin was a fair bit darker making her looking very healthy. She revealed that earlier she had 4 days off and went on a vacation but she did not reveal who she went with.

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