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Monday, April 03, 2006

Bernice & Stephanie Act As Judges + Performers At Nike's Dance Competition

Stephanie Cheng and Bernice Liu yesterday participated in the ‘Nike Dancing Competition’ as judges and guest performers. Stephanie disclosed that for this performance, she had practiced for 2 months and due to the energy lost while dancing and loss of sleep, Stephanie has lost an inch off her waist, from 23 inches to 22.

When questioned if her chest size had also decreased, embarrassed
Stephanie answered, “Alright la!” Stephanie expressed that because she does not measure herself everyday, she is unsure but said that the things that should be small are small and the ones that are not suppose to be, are kept as it is. She was then asked about her keeping beauty tips, she said, “A healthy diet is important. My mother makes fish and vegetable soup for me. Exercising is also a key factor. Although I am not tall, but I believe that my body is of a healthy size.” When asked if she had ever considered breast enhancement, Stephanie expressed that she will wait until she is older before considering. She also stated that she will only use natural remedies and is opposed to plastic surgery.

Bernice who has entered the music industry as a newcomer this year, practised 3 months for her ‘high kick’ dance performance. Although she was unable to sing and dance at the same time, she added extra effort in her breathing technique. When asked if she would choose to have fast dancing songs in her new album, Bernice said, “I do not know what is there to choose from. But I hope to choose some songs that will enable me to dance.”

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