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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bernice Wins 2 Music Awards While Eason & Miriam Wins None

On the 15th, the JSG Seasonal Awards Round 1 was held. Awards given out were the Top 12 Songs, Best Commerical Song, and Best Newcomer. Joey Yung, like Bernice Liu each received 2 awards while Eason and Miriam won none.

Aside from winning one of the top 12 songs,
Joey also won the best commercial song while Bernice also won the Best Newcomer Award.

Regarding winning 2 awards as a newcomer,
Bernice says she is really happy and its an encouragment because this is her first music award. Her winning song will also be part of the May album release of 女兒紅. When asked if she is afraid that she would forget her lyrics when singing live, she responded while laughing, "If I forget the lyrics then it'll prove that I'm singing live." She also said that if she got the chance, she would enter the HK music industry. She believes that as an actor or actress they should explore many entertainment options.

When asked whether she thought she won the awards because she's part of TVB, she responded, "I don't think I had an advantage because I'm part of TVB." She was further asked, but you won over both
Eason and Miriam. She responded, "I can't be compared to the two of them, I'm just a newcomer. I need to learn from them."

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