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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bosco Wong Saves Tavia Yeung From Drowning

Tavia Yeung Yi's character has a 37D figure in "Dou Cheung Fung Wan." Tavia was filming a water scene with Bosco Wong Chung Chak yesterday. In the scene, Tavia wanted to catch the attention of the wealthy Lee Tin Cheung, so she entered a swimming competition. However, Tavia suddenly had leg cramps while in the water, so Bosco's character rescued her.

Tavia had to wear a swimsuit and enter the water with the extra weights on her chest. Tavia is not very good in swimming and she was afraid that the extra weights would send her straight underwater.

Tavia explained. "When I was seven years old, we went to the water park to play. While I was on the water slide, another child from behind pushed me into the water. When I was young, my elder sister always forced me to learn how to swim. So I have always been wary of the water." Since the weather was quite cold yesterday, Tavia was shivering after being in the water.

Although Bosco is a good swimmer, he has been physically tired lately due to the constant day and night filming. So he was afraid that he couldn't handle the [rescue] scene. Although Bosco had been filming opposite the sexy Tavia lately, he said he has grown accustomed to her new image.

Bosco also said that he prefers "modestly built" women. "Tavia is very tomboyish so her new figure is not suitable for her. I also personally dislike big chests; medium size is fine!" (Does Bosco feel fortunate that he is filming opposite the 'well-built' Tavia?) "No. They are also not real!"

Standing nearby, Tavia ignored Bosco's comment and said, "I feel proud of my figure!"

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