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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bosco Wong Trains His Dog To Become A Star

The dog-loving Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) has raised many different breeds of dogs as pets, and has always insisted on personally training them while they were young. Yesterday, he brought his two-year-old bulldog, Kapun, who also appeared in “Under the Canopy of Love”《天幕下的戀人》, to guest star in a scene in TVB’s latest series “Casino Crisis” 《賭場風雲》. The series speaks of a withdrawn youth (Bosco) who finds shelter in a neighbourhood park. He meets an abandoned dog (Kapun), and together they comfort and console each other, creating a very touching scene.

Bosco was at a park in Tai Kok Tsui yesterday, filming for TVB’s latest series “Casino Crisis”. The story describes a withdrawn youth who is homeless, and finds shelter in the park. Feeling incredibly lonely and forlorn, he confides in a homeless puppy. On the day of filming this scene, Bosco brought his beloved dog, Kapun, to guest star as the homeless puppy.

Receiving Red Pockets
That day,
Kapun was brought to the scene by Mommy Wong. As soon as Kapun saw Bosco, he immediately dashed forward towards his master. The “father and son” played and fooled around, creating an incredibly loving atmosphere.

Kapun, who is two years old right now, had already made a debut appearance earlier in “Under the Canopy of Love”. When asked whether Bosco had any plans to train his dog to become a star, he replied, “Every time he (refering to Kapun) performs, he receives a red pocket. If he can earn a living for himself, that’s pretty good! If he is acting opposite of me, then it’s definitely not a problem at all! But if it’s with other people, then I must be there, because he listens to me the most.”

Personally Trains Young Puppies
Bosco expressed that he had raised many different breeds of dogs, and had always insisted on personally training the young pups. He said, “Shih Tzu, bulldogs, German Shepperds… I have all raised before. Ever since I was little, I had always liked dogs. I bought a lot of books, so that I can teach my own dog. Kapun can do a lot of tricks right now!”

Bosco is very busy with work, so Mommy Wong is responsible for taking care of Kapun on a daily basis. Despite that, Kapun is still closest to Bosco. Mommy Wong said, “They are really like father and son. Whenever Bosco finds time, he will take Kapun out for a walk in the mountains!”

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