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Friday, April 28, 2006

Deep: In My Heart, Nancy Will Always Have The Most Points

After revealing to the public that he was dating Nancy Wu, Deep Ng has been rumoured to have sneakily have a relationship with EO2 member, Eddie’s girlfriend. When hearing these rumours, Deep immediately stepped out to explain and was greatly supported by his girlfriend, Nancy, who said she totally trusted Deep. Being supported by Nancy, Deep is extremely happy and thankful to his girlfriend. When reporters asked if he had added points to his girlfriend, Deep exclaimed, “In my heart, Nancy will always have the most points!”

When the reporters told
Deep about Nancy supporting him, Deep smiled sweetly and said that he knew that Nancy supported him. Seeing as both of them are celebrities and have their own companies, they do not require each other to say anything, but Nancy stepping out and supporting Deep has caused Deep to be over the moon. When asked if he will be more careful now, Deep expressed that he and Eddie’s girlfriend are just friends and that he will still have contact but after this incident, he will no longer meet up with Eddie and his girlfriend in public.

Deep also said that because Nancy is busy filming a new television drama, they do not see each other frequently but will call each other everyday.

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