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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ella Koon Wears Revealing Deep-V Dress When Cooking

Ella Koon yesterday attended a cooking function. As she wore a revealing deep v-dress, Ella attracted many people to take photos. Ella revealed that before entering the industry, she frequently enjoyed cooking. Ella said, “When studying overseas, I usually cooked myself. Once, I cooked a meal with 5 dishes, 1 soup and dessert for my former boyfriend and his family. But the family didn’t look like they accepted it much so I never cooked for them again. When asked if rumoured boyfriend, Ron Ng, had ever tried her cooking, Ella immediately answered, “I will not comment!”

When questioned if she always dresses sexily to cook,
Ella explained, “You don’t have to dress conservatively when cooking but at home, I usually wear an apron!”

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