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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ella Reports To The Police

Yesterday night, Ella found out that her personal profile was being used. Feeling that privacy is more important than infringement. Ella contacted her manager and went to the Wan Chai (sp?) station to report the case.

Yesterday afternoon, Ella was involved in a fashion show, but after it was finished Ella was present at the Pow Ma De station. Yesterday, while filming a advertisement she had received the network supplier's telephone news, saying that she will have to change her password for her internet and the procedure is completed. Ella feels something odd going on, so she phones the telephone company and checks.

Someone thought that 'Ella' being a customer, she gets a hot line service. Just with her personal profile, address and ID Card No. that they could change the password number. But, Ella feels that the situation was getting serious, so she reports it to the police.

Ron Ng Not Scared That Relationship Going Out To Public.
When reporters had asked Ron the situation o Ella's personal information being changed, Ron replied "She's reported it to the police, there shouldn't be anything to be scared of anymore" (Are you scared of being checked to have telephone communication?) "I'm not scared, even so it doesn't matter because we're just friends and we know it."

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