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Friday, April 07, 2006

Female Artists Dress Inappropriately For Soccer Function

Yesterday, the ‘Metro World Cup’ function was held. A group of young female artists: Jade Kwan, 2R, Toby Leung, Jolie Chan, Renee Dai and Krusty were invited to attend the competition to kick some soccer balls. Beside Renee, who attended the function in sport clothing, 2R’s outfit could be said as second appropriate. Although, 2R’s 3 inch high boots, Toby’s belly revealing top and Jolie’s revealing outfit were not appropriate, the clothing successfully put the girls in spot light.

When kicking soccer balls,
Rosanne had to take off her boots and ask Toby for a pair. Race explained that they did not know they were required to kick balls and so, they wore boots.

World Cup will be held soon. Jade disclosed that because of her busy schedule, she will not have time to watch the World Cup with her boyfriend. She also revealed that she has not seen her partner for nearly are month and has not spoken to him much on the phone either. When asked if they has been a problem in their relationship, Jade expressed that she did not knew and stated that she believes that they are currently in the ‘cold water’ period with no third person. Jade disclosed that her boyfriend has complained but her problem is that she is too concentrated in her work. Due to recording her new album, Jade has not sat down and spoken to her boyfriend.

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