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Monday, April 17, 2006

Gillian's Pictures Found Printed On Lamps Of A Brothel In Japan!

Twins were earlier interviewed on the Metro Radio Station. When the issue of Gillian’s picture appearing on brothel lamps of Japan which attracted many costumers was brought up, Gillian laughed and said, “Wow, they look up to me very much!” When asked what would she do if she went to Japan and saw the lamps in brothels, Gillian expressed that she will not throw a tantrum because passer-by’s will probably think she a prostitute. Gillian also said that she will not visit the place because of curiosity.

When questioned if she will sue to the brothel, at first,
Gillian said that it was hard to. But after hearing about Cecilia receiving compensation of millions of dollars after suing an organisation for using her name for advertisement, Gillian immediately said that she will sue the brothel. After hearing what Gillian was going to do, Charlene said, “Can I have half of the compensation?” To this, Gillian said that if she did win the case, she will invite Charlene for dinner.

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