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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Janice Wei vs. Ella Koon On The Cat Walk

Yesterday, Ella Koon, Janice Wei, Jolie Chan and Gia Lin were modelling for Pacino Wan in a fashion show held at Ocean Park. First time as a model, Janice was in the spotlight despite not wearing anything sexy. While Ella, whose body was the best amongst the other girls, hypnotised in audience. In the end, it was hard to say who was more eye catching, Ella or Janice.

The 4 singers modelled 3 sets of clothes on the day. When on the cat walk,
Janice showed her youth energy. When modelling her ‘royal set’, Janice’s costume was extremely conservative. The long flowing white dress with bows made Janice look like a princess. Ella’s ‘royal set’ revealed her long legs and looked extremely romantic.

Janice, who has been trying to lose weight, disclosed it was unsuccessful. She believes her arms are still to fat. Janice expressed that first time modelling, she is very happy and because she does not need to wear heals, she did not get any blisters.

Ella was praised by many who said she had a hot body. Ella replied to these compliments by saying it was the costume that made her chest look fuller and her body to look curvy. Ella stated that her body is natural and that she has not undergone breast enhancement. Ella is very proud of her body but believes that if she was a bit skinner it would look even better.

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