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Friday, April 21, 2006

Jessica Hsuan & Bernice Liu At Bvlgari Show

Bvlgari held its high end jewelry exhibition series yesterday, inviting Jessica Hsuan and Bernice Liu Bik Yee as guest models. Jessica wore a Bvlgari platinum necklace with 23.13 carats of diamonds worth $1.28 million (HKD), which was the most expensive piece of jewelry in the entire exhibition. Bernice wore a platinum necklace with 17.25 carats of diamonds, worth $1.16 million (HKD).

Jessica disclosed that one of the most expensive gifts she received was from her ex-boyfriend. In 1999, when Jessica received the Best Actress Award, her ex-boyfriend had given her a luxury watch as a gift.

If a man were to offer Jessica expensive gifts, would she accept them? Jessica said that if the man offered her a ring, whether it cost a million dollars or only a few hundred dollars, she would accept it. But Jessica joked that her desire to get married has already passed, as she has witnessed many friends who were previously married file for divorce.

Jessica has been filming "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" with Bobby Au Yeung lately. Since they often eat snacks during filming, Jessica has gained some weight. Jessica joked that her waistline will catch up with Bobby one day. As Jessica and Bobby get along so well with each other, is Jessica concerned that she might fall for Bobby due to filming together? Jessica said absolutely not because Bobby is married already. Jessica will not choose a married man for her boyfriend.

The paparazzi has been taking more unauthorized photos than ever before, often taking photos of celebrities at home. Jessica said that she is concerned that the paparazzi will take unauthorized photos of her too, as she likes to leave her window curtains at home open during the summer. Jessica hopes that the paparazzi will give her some room for privacy.

Bernice Liu revealed that 2 years ago, she had received a Bvlgari ring from a man. But Bernice refused to disclose the identity of the man, only saying that the gift was not a proposal ring. Did Bernice have a habit of buying diamond jewelry? Bernice said no, that often she will wear sponsored jewelry to promotional events. She would rather be more practical and save money for a house.

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Mingpao,, The Sun, Sina


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