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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jessica Hsuan To Have Passionate Kissing Scene With Michael Miu

Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, and Tavia Yeung were at the blessing ceremony for "Dou Cheung Fung Wan." The series had started filming for several weeks, but the blessing ceremony only took place yesterday.

It has been 7 years since Jessica and Bobby last worked together on a series, so they are hoping for renewed sparks. Bobby is constantly cracking jokes on the set. Jessica teased Bobby and said he is like a "Philippine Prince" due to his dark skin. Bobby said that Jessica is constantly in the bathroom and that she is often constipated.

Earlier Bobby had to film a scene where he washed Bosco's hair. Bosco was wearing a wig during the filming of the scene and Bobby said, "At one time in my life, I had as much hair as you did!" This caused an eruption of laughter on the set.

Recently the papparazzi took photos of Adam Cheng Siu Chau at home, revealing the fact that he wears a wig. When reporters asked Bobby about Adam, Bobby said he didn't know that Adam wears a wig. Reporters asked if Bobby would wear a wig to hide his own baldness, but Bobby said that if he were to wear a wig, he would have done so many years ago. Jessica laughed and said, "Bobby can be without hair, but he can not be without fat, as that is the reason why he is so popular!"

In the series, Michael Miu will have a passionate kissing scene with Jessica. Michael joked and said that if Jessica wants to, they can even film a bed scene as well.

Tavia Yeung plays a Philippine-Chinese in the series. Tavia has been going to a tanning salon in order to make her skin darker. Her character goes through breast enhancement and has a figure of 37D. To make the results look more realistic, Tavia had to put 3 pound weights inside her bra during filming. In order to make filming more convenient, Tavia would not remove the weights on the set. As they are quite heavy, Tavia has suffered back pain carrying the extra weight around the set for 10+ hours each day. "I finally understand why certain women who received breast implants decided to go back to their normal size!"

[X] credit: Jayne @
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