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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jimmy Lin Debuts New Album "Jimmy F1ght"

Best known as the "Little Whirlwind" of the Chinese music scene in the 1990s, Taiwan singer Jimmy Lin (林志颖) still holds the record for staging his first solo concert in Hong Kong at the age of 18. Chinese audience are also most impressed by his gentle face and mild smile in the classic TV dramas like "Dragon Chronicles" (天龙八部) and "Handsome Siblings" (绝代双娇) in the past several years. And now at the age of 32, he's become a speed star on the Formula car racing circuit. But the "Little Pop King" recently returned to his music roots with his new album. Our reporter XXX has more.

After 14 years of fighting his way to stardom,
Jimmy Lin has grown into a mature jack of all trades—He is a pop singer, actor and also a professional Formula racing driver. The Taiwan singer and actor brought his new album "Jimmy F1ght" (挡不住我) to CRI on Sunday night, after a 6 year absense in the singing circle.

The new album is a combination of music and car racing, as nearly all songs are themed around fighting for life and fighting for dreams. The theme song
"I am still Waiting for You" not only marks a comeback of Jimmy Lin, but also expresses the star's aspiration about life—to hold your speed and to fight to the goal.

Jimmy said he added many new elements to the album. There are all genres of tracks, including fast and slow tunes. the single "Writing Stories" (编故事), composed by Taiwan R&B singer JJ Lam (林俊杰), is one of his favorites. The singer was asked to performed part of the song in the interview.

The singer said his company has planned some films about car racing for him this year, which he thought is suitable for him now, because he has his own team and many experts will train him. He will do the stunt scenes himself without additional support of a stunt man.

Regarding to his racing career,
Jimmy said: "I joined in the Formula racing at the beginning, and then I took part in China's rally contest, and lucky I won the champion this year. Gradually, I formed my own racing team. I am now ranked No. 8 on the list of China's professional rally drivers, and I hope that I can climb onto the top 5 of the list this year, which is my latest personal dream. And, of course, I also hope my new album will be well received."

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