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Friday, April 28, 2006

Kevin Cheng Exceeds Boundaries As Program Host

Recently Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's popularity has increased dramatically. In June, Kevin and Nnadia Chan Chung Ling's "Trimming Success" will be broadcast in Hong Kong. Kevin has also been hosting a food program with Niki Chow Lai Kei. As a first time program host, Kevin had many worries! Kevin said, "In the past, I would definitely have rejected this hosting job!"

"Normally I am not a very talkative person, how can I be a host? But my mentality has changed in the last year. Actually being a program host is a new challenge for me. I am very grateful for this opportunity!"

Kevin and Niki had many NG's during filming. Kevin said, "After I warm up, then it's not a problem. When I first started, I was not used to the type of dialogue that a host has to speak. In filming series, the dialogue is more situational and close to real life."

Kevin laughed and said that he has a weak memory, often forgetting his scripted lines. "My food program is considered a casual program. That's why I really admire Carol Dodo Cheng and Lydia Shum as they often host grand-scale events with long scripts. I chatted with the producer of my food program and he said that as long as I get the major points across, that's fine. I do not have to follow the script word-for-word, which makes the delivery much easier."

"Actually being a host can help you develop a more personable side. This is lacking in filming series. However being a host is not my strength, so I only plan to do it occasionally and not on a long-term basis."

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