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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kevin Cheng In Love Triangle With Gigi Lai & Moses Chan

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing will be playing a cameo role in new series "Super Cops." Kevin attended the costume fitting for his role yesterday.

In the series, Kevin will be involved in a love triangle with Gigi Lai Chi and Moses Chan Ho. This is actually Kevin's second time working with Gigi. When "Fate Twisters" started filming, Kevin was originally offered Eddie Kwan Lai Kit's role, but due to high blood pressure, Kevin had to refuse the role. Since "Fate Twisters" had already started filming, Gigi had to re-film her scenes again with Eddie.

Reporters asked Gigi if she is afraid Kevin will bring along bad luck again? Gigi laughed, "Of course not!" As Gigi's character will be involved in a love triangle with 2 handsome men, Kevin and Moses, who would she chose? "It's very hard to decide as both of them are good men."

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun, Oriental Daily, Wen Wei Pao


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