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Monday, April 10, 2006

Kevin Cheng Laughs Crazily When Asked About Gay Teacher

Although Kevin Cheng is surrounded by rumours recently, but his misfortune turned into a good thing as it has brought him quite a lot of work. Yesterday, he modelled for a clothing brand. He frankly said that as he rarely walks the catwalk, he is quite nervous about it.

However, being a model is a very relaxed job where you can easily earn money. Of course, the one will complement the other. Although, filming series can be exhausting, but it can raise one’s profile as well as bringing more work. He smilingly said: “Should treat it as a dessert (sweets)! It is repayment.” Asked whether Kevin would accept walking the catwalk in swimming trunks, he said that he has to diligently train first, because he wouldn’t know if it is necessary at that time. But he is a lazy person as he hasn’t worked out for two years. It is only recently that he has started to go to the fitness. Shortly afterwards, he will shoot an ad and he may have to show some flesh. That is why he will have to make an extra effort. When asked whether he has a six pack, Kevin said that two years earlier he doesn’t need to do anything to have a sixpack, because when one is that thin, a sixpack will automatically appear. But as he grew older, it began to disappear. Kevin also said that every time he has to work he will eat midnight snacks. Then he will gain weight, so therefore he will have to fitness more.

No Opinion
When asked whether fitness can make him forget his worries, he smilingly said that he was a bit troubled earlier, but he played tennis to vent out his frustrations. It has changed for the better now and he has handed all those matters to his lawyer. Regarding a weekly saying that
Dai Si Chung allows foreign students to stay at his place in the past, suggesting some ‘Brokeback’ (gay) relations. Upon hearing this, Kevin continuously shakes his head and laughs out loud. He expressed that the didn’t have an opinion about this matter. He even asked the reporter not to fool him as he doesn’t know about it.

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