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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kevin Cheng Takes Lessons From Joey Yung's Music Teacher

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing was at a promotional event for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream yesterday. When reporters asked if Kevin has been taking singing lessons from Joey Yung Cho Yi's music instructor lately, Kevin admitted that yes he has.

Kevin met Christine (Joey's instructor) through a friend's introduction. His friend said that Christine is a wonderful teacher, especially in teaching students how to control their voice during singing, especially holding long notes. Kevin said that Christine has not shown him how to hold long notes yet.

Since Kevin had contract disputes with his former music instructor, Dai Si Chung, did Christine ask about the contract details? Kevin said that Christine has asked through text messaging, but not in detailed manner.

Kevin said that he is paying for music lessons with Christine and there will not be a contract between them. Kevin also joked that he is Joey's junior since she took singing lessons from Christine first.

Since Kevin will be appearing as a guest at Lau Ka Cheung's music concert, he has been taking music lessons with Christine. Will Kevin also take lessons with Lau? Kevin said that when they practice together in the recording studio, Lau had already given him a lot of useful pointers. Lau is an experienced musician so his advice will benefit Kevin greatly.

[X] credit: Jayne @
Oriental Daily, The Sun, Appledaily


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