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Monday, April 03, 2006

Kevin Cheng's Contract Woes Not Over Yet

Apparently, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's legal woes are not over yet. His former music teacher and manager, Dai Si Chung seems to have extricated himself from the contract issue yesterday by issuing a formal public statement.

But Dai's daughter, Dai Wan Wai has formally stated that she will follow through with Kevin's contract dispute in place of her father.

Wan Wai urged Kevin to face her directly in the contract dispute. She said, "If Kevin wants to end the contract through a multi-million dollar settlement, that depends on whether his answer includes repentance or his admission of guilt!"

Dai Si Chung has been publicly branded a "blood-sucking vampire" since the contract dispute with Kevin has been exposed. In his public statement which he issued yesterday, he insisted that Kevin had signed a contract to allow the Dai's to take 10% profits of Kevin's lifetime earnings. Dai claimed that Kevin had signed such a contract 13 years ago in order to show his gratitude towards Dai Si Chung as his former music teacher.

In his public statement, Dai Si Chung said that Kevin is still a kind-natured person and that there is a behind-the-scenes strategist helping Kevin in this contract dispute. In his statement, Dai said that he is not longer in the "manager" position, but that of a music teacher. He pulled out an old autographed album that Kevin had signed many years ago, where Kevin had dedicated the album to "My father" referencing his close-relationship with Dai. Accordingly, Dai had also given Kevin a platinum designer watch as a present in the past.

While Dai said he is no longer in a "manager" position, his daughter Wan Wai has insisted that she will continue to pursue the contract dispute with Kevin. "My father is officially removed from this issue. Now it is an issue between Kevin and I. I want him to face me directly."

Wan Wai continued, "I want him to answer 2 questions: 1) How come he is so ingrateful [towards my father]? 2) Who is the behind-the-scenes strategist helping him? Now the contract is in my hands. If Kevin wants to end the contract, he needs to face me directly. If he wants to end this contract through [a legal scheme] or multi-million dollar settlement, it depends on whether he has admitted his 'wrongs' or not."

"Actually, the contract issue could have been settled peacefully, but he set off 'the bomb' first. Now we have to consider what future actions he will take before we decide how to resolve this." Wan Wai admitted that her father had once given Kevin a platinum watch. "My father treated him like his real son. Whatever Kevin wanted, my father bought it for him!"

As to the latest developments and the statements made by Dai Si Chung and Dai Wan Wai, Kevin yesterday said through a telephone interview that he will not respond to their statements.

What Kevin wrote on the CD cover to Dai Si Chung:

Dear Dad,

You are the only person that I will ever call Dad. This music album and my career were given to me by you. I will continue to try hard and not disappoint you!

Your son,

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