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Monday, April 24, 2006

Michael Miu Is Bosco Wong's Sifu In "Dou Cheung Fung Wan"

Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Tavia Yeung Yi attended a promotional event for a clothes brand. In new series, "Dou Cheung Fung Wan," Michael and Bosco have a master-disciple relationship. In real life, Michael and Bosco have a good relationship and as a result, Michael brought Bosco along to the promotional event, increasing Bosco's income opportunities.

This is the second year that
Michael has been the spokesperson for the clothes brand. Michael kept touching his hair yesterday and reporters asked if he has been losing hair. Michael said, "Of course I do not have as much hair as I used to. In the past, when I filmed martial arts series, I had to wear artificial hair pieces, which led to my receding hairline. But it's okay; men will usually start losing some hair after a certain age."

In "Dou Cheung Fung Wan," Tavia's character undergoes breast enhancement. Tavia said, "Actually I am quite satisfied with my figure now. I don't mind increasing my bust size a little, to a C cup." (Has Tavia thought about getting implants?) "I have thought about it, but I will not actually get the procedure done!"

Bosco said, "It is due to Michael's connections that Tavia and I were able to attend the promotional event this time. Originally Michael wanted to bring the entire cast of 'Dou Cheung Fung Wan,' but due to schedule problems, only Tavia and I were able to attend. Michael is my 'sifu' (master) in the series. He brought me a lot of new clothes in the series and treated me even better than Bobby Au Yeung! Since becoming an endorser, Michael has always wanted to look good; he spends more time having his make-up done than me before filming!"

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun, Weinweipo, Takungpao, Apple Daily


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