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Monday, April 03, 2006

Michelle Ye Films Rape Scene For "Central Affairs 2"

Michelle Ye Suen filmed a rape scene for "Central Affairs 2" yesterday. The scene spoke about Chan Bo Yuen dragging Michelle inside the house for the rape. Michelle wore 4 pairs of underpants to prevent overexposure.

To make the scene more realistic, Michelle had to struggle violently for the scene. The scene was filmed several times to obtain different angles.

Afterwards, Michelle's arms showed red bruises due to the pressure exerted during her struggles.

"In the scene, I had to cry repeatedly for help. But as it is a rape scene, bodily contact with Bo Yuen is inevitable." (Is Michelle worried that her sensitive parts will come in contact with Bo Yuen in the rape scene?) "No I am not worried. Even if it were to happen, it would be accidental and not his fault. I would not blame him."

In the series, Bo Yuen plays Ken Chan Kai Tai's younger brother. Bo Yuen's personality is wild in the series. The scene spoke of Bo Yuen taking drugs at the beach. Under the influence of drugs, he raped Michelle.

During filming, Bo Yuen was very careful, afraid of hurting Michelle. In their struggle scene, Michelle slapped Bo Yuen loudly in her attempt to escape him.

Also the night before, Michelle had filmed a kiss scene with Ken Chan Kai Tai. MichelleKen had only worked together for 5 days since filming started, so they were a little shy at first. But the kiss scene was filmed smoothly and Michelle said that the scene had a good feel to it. Ken claimed that his nose was flattened during their kissing. and

"I'm glad my partner is the hunky Ken. Hopefully he will attract a bunch of female fans to watch this series!"

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