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Friday, April 14, 2006

Miki Changes In Public Toilets, Theresa Reveals Red Bra

Miki Yeung when filming out door scenes for the new movie ‘Black Fist’ (黑拳), did not change in her company car but opted for the public toilets instead. She was then seen putting on her stilettos on the street. Despite being a celebrity, Miki shows that she is still a down to earth girl.

On the day,
Miki filmed from 3 in the morning till the morning but not one complaint leaked from her mouth. It is not known what reasons led Miki to go to the public toilets to change, was it because no one organised change rooms or was it because Miki is a realistic young celebrity? After changing in the public toilets, Miki casually put on her stilettos on the street. Theresa Fu, who was also filming on the same set, did not leave her company’s car unless she was filming.

On the day,
Theresa and Miki looked extremely sexy as they played the role of ‘northern girls’ (北妹). Miki’s mini skirt exposed her long legs while Theresa wore a skimpy top and had her long hair tied back. Whenever Theresa moved, her red bra would be revealed. The two were extremely professional when shooting the scene. But when the scene was completed, Theresa who was uncomfortable with revealing her bra, was seen head down trying to fix up her clothing.

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