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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Miriam Yeung + Justin Lo Love Rumours, Ronald Says: No Way!

There have been new rumours regarding Miriam Yeung and Justin Lo. Miriam’s former boyfriend, Ronald Cheng, yesterday accepted an interview at 903. When hearing the news about his old lover, Ronald immediately exclaimed, “No way!” Ronald said that he will not tease Miriam because he does not know whether the rumours are true or not. When asked if he will introduce guys to Miriam, Ronald said, “I will not be worried about Miriam. There are heaps of guys after her!”

During the interview,
Ronald said that one of his new songs tell people to find their own love. When the media asked him if Charlene Choi has found him, Ronald nervously answered, “No!”

Another show has be added to
Ronald’s concert which will now be running from April 21 to 23 but a part 2 has not been considered. Ronald said, “I have invited Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung and Kelly Chen to be the guest performers. I have also invited Charlene and Miriam to come and support me. Miriam is currently in Beijing filming so I am unsure if she will come back to HK for my concert.” Ronald revealed that he will not be doing any ‘close’ dancing with female dancers because he is skinny like a piece of paper and because of this, dancing closely with female dancers will make the crowd vomit.

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