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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moses Chan: Not Enough Experience Yet, Need To Soak Some More

The entertainment circle is a place where one can easily turn from red to white and vice versa (meaning one day you’re famous and the next you can be lying on the ground again). From last year till this one, Moses Chan has been continuously filming which resulted in 110 episodes of series. However, he didn’t start to float because of that. That is because he understands that it is not the quantity that counts.

A bald Moses said that last year was definitely a hardworking and earning money period. In one year time he has filmed 110 episodes of TV series, breaking his own record. He has also rose to the position of the siu sangs. However, this fact isn’t something that he is pleased of yet, instead he now has a better angle to look at his own insufficiencies. After all, he has been working hard in the entertainment circle for ten years, he knows the rules of this kind of profession. “Maybe people from outside the circle don’t see it. I think that my person in front of the curtains is only sixty or seventy percent. And at this moment, this isn’t my best self yet. If you film a lot of series, you will definitely improve your skills. However if you only focus on filming series for a long period, accepting one series after the other, in between you wouldn’t have enough time to wash off your previous character before accepting a new one. You also won’t have enough time to find all your background information. During filming, you can only rely on your wit and talent. Often when the filming is nearing its finish, I will often feel that I could have done even better. I often end up in these kind of situations. I don’t know whether I should be annoyed by it or happy that it can give me strength. Anyway, it is very difficult to redo it anymore!”
Because he now has reached the level of siu sang, last year’s anniversary his chances for the award of male lead were quite high. In the end, it was Roger Kwok who took the award, but Moses doesn’t feel indignation at all: “I have entered the showbiz for some time, one may say that it is now my turn. However, I will look more comprehensively at many things. A person should know its own position. At the moment, I haven’t reached that position yet, it still needs a lot of factors combined at the right time. Besides, the result isn’t about winning. If I win it only because I have filmed a lot, then I also would feel embarrassed about it! Actually, I am happy that I didn’t win the award so early yet because it is unavoidable that one will feel levitated about it. As I have confessed that I only use sixty to seventy percent of my efforts, if that already results in the approval of the others. Winning an award will often impact one’s life suddenly. Instead, I think I would rather progress slowly. Progressing in an orderly way is more ideal.” Sometimes, he thinks it is fortunate that he didn’t win the award last year. This way, he will set higher standards for himself. Thus the fire (passion) in his heart won’t be burnt out that early.

Moses used to have many rumours surrounding him, recently his only rumoured girlfriend has been Bernice Liu. This rumoured pair of lovers doesn’t mind working together. They even cooperated for an advertisement. Seems like when there is money to earn, they should earn it together. Usually, the way he treats Bernice is all in his manner, if it can be avoided, all matters regarding his rumoured girlfriend, he didn’t mention any of them.

“Every person has love, this is very natural. However, I believe that the love of an artist should remain to him or herself. There is no need to make it public neither to say something about it. I didn’t want to create these rumours, others gave them to me. All I can do is to avoid them.”

Although he doesn’t say anything about the rumours, he doesn’t agree that love will affect a career. He believes that one can have both love and career, he said: “How can a person not have love? I don’t think that dating is distracting, influencing one’s work. Instead one will have more life experience. The more experience one have, the more it can help when performing, especially when acting in love series. If I meet my ideal partner I will date her. I am a simple person. When I date, I hope to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the other, because I am not someone who likes casual dating.”

Moses declares that he is a very ordinary, traditional and conservative man, but in recent years the media has continuously labelled him as a ‘housewife killer’. The image of a good man is very popular, however he thinks that there is still a lot of distance between the image and the reality. He said: “I am only a normal person. If you get to know me more, you would probably think that I am a boring person, because I enjoy being alone. A good man should have a strong sense of responsibility, knows how to take care of people and is very flexible and creative at solving problems. At the moment I have only achieved this for sixty percent.” Many people in the showbiz has praised Moses’ charm and humour, because in between filming scenes, he can fool around very crazily bringing everybody a lot of laughter. But after he leaves the filming studio, he rarely goes out or meet up with them. As soon as the work ends, he rushes home. He also acknowledges his eccentric personality: “Maybe I have to work continuously every day, I crave more and more for some personal time. In addition, it is also more difficult to befriend someone in the entertainment circle. Several years ago, I have also withdrawn myself from the nightlife, therefore I will not hang out with other anymore. So I don’t have that many friends and I have also known the majority of them for quite some years.”

Speaking of friends, although he and his former manager Clarence Hui has had many money troubles, yet he has still phoned Clarence with new year’s greetings at Lunar New Year. They are even planning on meeting to catch up with each other. Regarding friends, he is very broad-minded and forgiving: “The media has characterized him as too awful, he actually treat others with a good heart. I believe that every person is compassionate and in some aspects weaker. His financial management skills are clearly weaker, but making friends means that you also have to accept the weaknesses of them. Concerning the financial problems, should let him slowly resolve it.”

Besides Clarence, director Teddy Chen is also one of Moses’ good friends, he said: “I remember the period where I was still trying to work my way up, he has given me opportunities. When starting a series he would interrogate me and I am still grateful to him for that. Until now, I still remember it. I think that the relation between humans is becoming more and more trivial as their heart is often neglecting gratitude.”

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