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Monday, April 24, 2006

Myolie Loses 3-4 Pounds While Trying To Gain Weight

Yesterday Myolie Wu attended the 《樂施會中國發展基金2006》 fund. Earlier as an ambassador, she went to the Guizhou countryside to visit the local doctors and the sick villagers. Myolie, who is working hard on gaining weight for a new series, worries that her blood pressure might be high and immediately looks for the village doctor there. But luckily, everything is normal. Because of excessive fatigue, she had slimmed 3 to 4 pounds. Therefore she expressed that she will temporarily stop all work and focus on gaining weight.

Myolie saw that the villager's dwellings were all covered with spider webs and seeing the hardships of the villagers caused Myolie to get teary-eyed. She tells her fans to not waste their money and give her bird nests, but to donate a hundred Yuan each month to the charity instead.

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