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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Myolie Wu: I Am Not Fat Enough

Yesterday Myolie Wu was at an opening for cosmetic brand Nature's store. She gave out presents to fans and citizens, causing some fans to even scream.

In June,
Myolie will start filming for her new series, which will require her being fat. It is noticable that she is currently bigger in one size and her chest has been bigger than before, which also mistakens people into thinking she is purposely 'showing her points'. But Myolie thinks she is still not fat enough, "Before I was 108 and now I am 120 pounds. All the fat went to the waist and butt areas. It has not reached my ideal target yet so in the next few days I am planning to eat and sleep so I can gain more weight." Myolie expresses that in this period she wouldn't be able to do any other 'extra income' work. She jokes that this is a big sacrafice but it is good that some health companies are waving to her, therefore she has confidence that she will be able to restore her body like before.

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