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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Myolie Wu's Bed Scene With Raymond Lam In "Tai Chi"

Last year, Myolie Wu Hang Yee had 4 TV series broadcast in Hong kong. Myolie also won several awards as well, indicating her popularity. Although this may result in jealousy from others, Myolie doesn't mind. As long as Myolie is happy, she can sacrifice many things in order to act. No wonder Myolie doesn't mind gaining additional weight for her new Bridget Jones role.

Currently, Myolie is filming "Tai Chi" in Shanghai. In "Tai Chi," Myolie's character comes from a wealthy background. Due to upheaval [and loss of fortune] within the family, Myolie's character experiences hard times, revenge, and love, all the elements of a moving drama.

Myolie will have relationships with Vincent Zhao and Raymond Lam Fung. Myolie meets Vincent after she falls on hard times. Since Vincent took care of her and helped her seek revenge, Myolie falls in love with Vincent.

After Myolie loses her memory, she meets Raymond. "Although I was like a blank piece of paper. After Raymond's character falls in love with me, my memories slowly come back." But Myolie is caught between two men and doesn't know how to choose. Myolie said that this is the first time she has acted such a role. Normally her characters have been more straightforward in love and will not wrestle in such complex love triangles.

One of the most unforgettable scenes in the series is a bed scene with
Raymond after both of them had some wine. This scene is one of Myolie's boldest scenes in her career, as she will reveal her bare back onscreen. Myolie was not embarrassed when speaking about the scene since she and Raymond are good friends and are comfortable with each other. Myolie only focused on acting out the scene. They filmed it under the presence of the entire production crew. "Although I had a few goosebumps, but you have to be involved in your role when acting. So I didn't mind [filming such a scene], as long as from a professional standpoint, everyone can see my hard efforts."

The rivalries among TVB artists often become news headlines. When reporters asked Myolie about the internal struggles at TVB, she simply said that such mattters have never happened to her personally. Reporters mentioned there were some struggles in casting the female lead for "Tai Chi." Myolie smiled and said, "But that's not my character. It was decided very early on that I would be cast for my character. As for the other female lead character, TVB would make the proper arrangements. I didn't think too much about other matters and just focusing on doing my own part well."

Liza Wang's Support
Due to collaborating with
Liza Wang on the highly successful "War of In-Laws," Myolie's career peaked at another level. Some people point out that maybe it was because of Liza's strong position that those results were achieved. Myolie doesn't mind such rumors, as she feels "War of In-Laws" is a very good series. Also Myolie's character had many well developed qualities. She also thanked Liza for her support. During filming, Myolie and Liza were already very good friends. "Liza treated me like her own daughter. I was very happy and satisfied with the results. By focusing on acting and looking at the positive side, I will become a happier person."

On Bosco Wong
Reporters finally brought up rumored boyfriend
Bosco Wong Chung Chak. Myolie laughed, "I knew this question would come up! Actually 'War of In-Laws' was our first real collaboration together. Since we didn't know each other too well in the beginning, at first I thought that he is always very fond of playing around. But during filming, we found that we were very compatible, so we got to know each other better and hang out together. We do have a very good relationship, otherwise we wouldn't have won the Most Compatible Onscreen Couple Award (from TVB Magazine Popularity Awards)."

Myolie can not deny that there is a possibility between her and Bosco. Myolie feels that anything is possible in this world. But right now, she is focused on her work first and will not think too far into the future. Being friends is no problem.

Myolie mentioned that around April 15th, she will be finished with all her scenes in "Tai Chi." Myolie will be heading to Shanghai with Charmaine Sheh Si Man afterwards to meet with their fans. Myolie also said that TVB's compilation CD featuring theme songs by female artists will be released soon. Myolie's theme song for "War and Destiny" will be included in the CD!

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