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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Niki Chow Can Eat One Whole Chicken By Herself

Niki Chow yesterday was invited to attend an eating competition. Competitors were seen stuffing food into their mouths. One contestant even said that when eating, he thought about Niki, thus making him to eat even more. After hearing this, Niki was extremely embarrassed.

When asked if she thought that contestant was off his mind,
Niki expressed that if he believes that thinking about her would make him eat faster, it is a good thing. Niki also stated that she cannot control what other people think. When asked if she will mind if her boyfriend was the ‘eating king, Niki said that she wouldn’t because she eats a lot herself. Niki disclosed that in a day, she could eat 10 meals. Niki recalled that once, she ate a whole chicken herself.

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