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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Niki Chow & Kevin Cheng: Lovers Again

Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng will host a brand new TVB food program “為美味喝采” as a pair of lovers. Yesterday, they have recorded the first episode. This episode will concentrate on spicy food. They have invited Ella Koon and Mrs. Fong as the judges.

They were asked whether there are differences when they changed from a series’ pair of lovers to hosting lovers. Kevin said: “We have already cooperated twice in series, but it is the first time in hosting! The tacit understanding of hosting and filming is also different! However, most importantly is that the audience enjoys watching it. I also have to thank the company for giving this opportunity to me.” When talking about spicy food, Kevin expressed that a few years ago, when he was in Taiwan, he has learned to eat spicy food. He has learned to eat extra spicy hot pot which gives someone an almost ‘comatose’ feeling.

As for Niki, she indicated that this is her second time hosting. The previous one, she hosted together with Dodo Cheng香港先生競選”. For Niki, hosting isn’t that easy as she said: “Being a host, you need to coordinate your dialogues and you also have to memorise a lot. The whole course has to be very clear. Luckily, this time it is not that serious, but much more relaxed!” When asked whether she likes spicy food, she expressed that she doesn’t eat spicy food, but she rather prefers sour food!

On the other hand, Ella said: “I like spicy food a lot! Some people say that eating spicy food will give one a foul temper, but I don’t think that! I am very happy to see Mrs. Fong again today. When I was younger, I used to live in the same street as Mrs. Fong where I occasionally ran into her. I really admired her cooking skills, you could tie your husband down with it. [Didn’t she divorce?] I don’t know about the private life of others. I only feel that if you can cook well, it can make your family happy!”


Niki & Kevin Host A New TVB Food Program
Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng are the hosts for TVB’s new food program ‘為美味喝采’ as a ‘lover couple’. Yesterday when filming the first time, Ella Koon and Fotile were invited to act as guest judges.

Niki and Kevin were asked how they felt about from being lover partners in a series to change to host partners, they said, “We have collaborated to work on series twice and this is the first time we have ever hosted a program together. Being lovers in a series and being hosts together require different communication techniques. The most important thing is that viewers like the show. We thank TVB for giving us this chance.”

When talking about eating,
Kevin said that he had only learnt to eat chilly a few years ago when working Taiwan. He commented on how eating ‘chilli hot pot’ caused his tongue to go numb.

Niki revealed that this is the first time she has acted as host. Her first time as host, she collaborated with Dodo Cheng for the ‘Mr Hong Kong Competition’. To Niki, being a host difficult. Niki commented, “When you’re a host, you have to remember a lot of things and the process of things. Thankfully, this show is running on a relaxing atmosphere!” When asked if she liked eating chilly foods, Niki expressed that she did know how to eat chilli and so, she prefers sour foods.

On the other hand,
Ella said, “I love eating chilli. People say if you eat too much chilli, you will have a bad temper, but I don’t believe that!”

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