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Friday, April 21, 2006

Niki, Jolie, Ella & Stephanie Sing Against Pirates & DLs

Niki Chow and Jolie Chan yesterday performed in the first show of ‘Good Sing Original Music Show’. Ella Koon and Stephanie Cheng will be performing in the second show which will be held on the 18th of next month. The series of music shows promotes the message of not downloading music illegal.

When talking about pirates and downloading,
Niki disclosed that many mainland fans have been deceived in thinking that the albums they buy are real copies. She is also worried about the fact that people are able to download her songs before the album is out which may cause her not to be able to release a third album.

Ella attended the press conference of the music show in her new uni-sex ‘look’. She disclosed that when she was studying in England, she once cut her hair in a ‘skin head style’ and dyed it blonde. After becoming a model, she left her hair long but if her company allows, she will consider having a skin head.

Jolie jokingly said that now that Ella has dropped her sexy image, she will be able to take Ella’s spot.

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