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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Raymond Cho Sheds Light On Kevin Cheng's Contract Dispute

Raymond Cho Wing Lim, Cheng Dan Shiu, and Christine Ng Wing Mei were promoting "Room Full of Guests" yesterday. Regarding Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's contract dispute with Dai Si Chung, Raymond spoke up in defense for Kevin since they have been good friends for over 10 years.

Raymond said he already knew about the profit-sharing contract a long time ago. Although Dai Si Chung was never Raymond's official music teacher, Raymond did take a few singing lessons from him. Raymond could not hold back and express his own opinion of the issue. "Kevin has been too kind. Back then when he signed the contract, I already knew about it. But I didn't stop Kevin from signing it."

"Actually the circumstances forced
Kevin to sign it, as he had no other choice. Dai Si Chung repeatedly pressured Kevin to sign it. Maybe if Kevin didn't sign the contract, there would not have been any further work arrangements for him."

"I really think poorly about this kind of music instructor. If the collaboration had been good and [Dai had been a good manager], then profit-sharing is the proper thing to do. But why did Dai 'sell' Kevin off to Taiwan? How come Dai was so cruel? Teachers should treat their pupils well."

Raymond said that Dai Si Chung had asked him to go out to dimsum together about a year ago. Dai had also asked Raymond for Kevin's new telephone and address information. Since Raymond found the nature of Dai's questions odd, he did not meet up with Dai. From this incident, Raymond speculated that Dai had been wanting to bring up the old contract for over a year.

As Dai's daughter, Wan Wai had claimed that Kevin has a behind-the-scenes advisor helping him in the matter, Raymond said, "That's quite funny. The Dai's were the first to issue a letter from their lawyer. They had wanted to blow up the matter out of proportion. Now they are afraid that others are speaking poorly about them. If they are upright, then they shouldn't be afraid."

"A life-long contract! Anyone who can think up such a contract is quite ruthless. Now they want to ask for money. Why do they have to 'intimidate' Kevin, whose career is starting to look promising now?"

Raymond continued, "I am quite upset over the matter! Dai loves to sue people. But according to Kevin's lawyer, there is a good possibility that Kevin will win."

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun, Takungpao


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