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Monday, April 17, 2006

Raymond Lam Dresses Up As A Woman

Raymond Lam Fung and Tse Tin Wah dressed up in drag at a promotional event for "La Femme Desperado." Raymond wore a long wig and high heels, while Tse Tin Wah stuffed his undershirt with oranges inside. Other cast members present included Sheren Tang Shui Man, Jacqueline Law Wai Koon, Cindy Au Sin Yee, and Kate Tsui Tsi San.

Raymond was half an hour late to the promotional event because he flew from China (due to filming "Tai Chi.") Raymond explained, "I went in the wrong direction. Maybe it's because I have been filming in China for the last 3 months, so I almost forgot how to drive."

At the event, Raymond and Tse Tin Wah dressed in drag and attended to Jacqueline and Sheren. The women present all burst in laughter when they saw Raymond and Tse. Raymond even poured tea and acted as a "maid" to Jacqueline, making her laugh non-stop. But Raymond's drag image was very odd looking, no wonder Raymond himself thinks he looks more like a beggar than a woman!

As for the naughty Tse Tin Wah, he put 2 oranges inside his shirt. But afterwards, the oranges kept sliding and fell down to his waist. Leung Ka Yan laughed at Tse, "Hey your age is already quite advanced!" The scene was quite hilarious and caused an eruption of laughter.

In "La Femme Desperado," Sheren's character is a single mother. However in real life, Sheren is opposed to having children before marriage, as it has a deep impact on children growing up. "When I was growing up in a single parent family, I always asked my mother why she had me if she was going to divorce with my father."

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