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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Raymond Lam: Men Are Lucky

In Raymond’s new series "La Femme Desperado", he plays a progressive yet frivolous youth, and also develops with Melissa Ng a ‘sister-brother’ relationship. He admits that at first he was afraid that the audience’s thoughts would be rather conservative and not accept it, but luckily when it came out people were satisfied with it, allowing Raymond to finally remove that heavy stone from his heart. He wouldn’t object to a relationship with an older female, but she shouldn’t be any older than him than three years.

Raymond Lam, who has been away from Hong Kong for a period of time, recently has been returning to Hong Kong to promote his new series. Frequently flying between Hong Kong and China, Raymond laughs and says that he has already gotten used to the life of taking flights so often, but even if it is a little tiring, it doesn’t matter because he is doing it for the series. Raymond, who plays a progressive yet frivolous youth in the series, expressed that in real life, he’s a little bit different, so to properly portray this character, he paid his “frivolous friends” a visit and tried to understand them more. He said, “Normally I’m not like that, but beside me I have a lot of friends who have that kind of personality, so I specially went to their houses to take a look around, that way I can portray the character more realistically!”

As to his first time working with
Melissa Ng, he expressed that there were some intimidate scenes between them, and he has even worried before about the audience not accepting this “sister-brother” relationship. But who would’ve guessed that the response to this series was so good! Raymond could finally remove that heavy stone from his heart.

Has Only Dated Once
As to whether or not
Raymond can accept “sister-brother” relationships in real life, Raymond replied with a laugh, “I’ve never really objected to it. There’s a Chinese tradition that says that if a woman is older than a man, then the man will receive good fortune. But I don’t think the difference should be too great, three years should be just right, otherwise it will be very tough for the woman.” If he hadn’t said it, no one would’ve known that the handsome Raymond Lam has only had one experience with dating. He also expressed that he has always been very serious towards love, and also, towards choosing girlfriends he is rather picky. But he if meets someone who he likes, he’ll grow red in the face and not dare to take a step closer to her – which is what holds him back from finding a girlfriend.

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