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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Raymond Lam Speaks About TVB Politics & New Movie

Raymond Lam Fung is very popular in mainland China. During filming of "Tai Chi" in Shanghai, there were fans visiting Raymond on the set almost everyday. Sometimes fans received the latest news about Raymond even more accurately and quickly than reporters themselves.

On the day that reporters visited Raymond, he was filming a bed scene with Myolie Wu Hang Yee. Raymond said that since he and Myolie have collaborated before and they are good friends, the scene only took one take.

As to the degree of passion in his bed scene with Myolie, Raymond said that it is still within the limitations of television requirements, so it will not be too bold. Raymond said he and Myolie did not feel embarrassed during filming, but when they became the center of attention after the scene wrapped up, they felt awkward.

Raymond was very playful on the set and engaged in humorous antics. During his rest period, reporters commented that Raymond's Mandarin was very good, uncharacteristic of a Hong Kong actor. "My Mandarin skills have gotten worse now. When I was in primary school, we spoke Mandarin in class. I even participated in recitation competitions in Mandarin!"

Raymond said that "Tai Chi" was his first real kung-fu movie. In the past, Raymond filmed many martial arts series, but many scenes were wired and "staged." While in "Tai Chi," Raymond had many real hand-to-hand combat scenes. "Since we don't have weapons to shield ourselves, it's very easy to get hurt during filming." Raymond also mentioned that he took several dozen martial art classes and Vincent Zhao also gave him a lot of kung-fu pointers.

Raymond said that as an actor, a lot of things are beyond his control. Since there are many action sequences in series, it is inevitable to get hurt while filming sometimes due to errors and friction during fighting sequences. But he can only focus on doing his own part well.

In April, Raymond will be acting in a series adapted from a Taiwanese novel. Raymond said that he can only reveal that his female co-star will be Chen Yi Yung. As for other outside performance opportunities, Raymond said that there are very little opportunities. He said that there are not that many male lead actors at TVB, so there is no time and chance to appear in outside opportunities.

TVB's internal rivalries and politics often surface in news reports. Raymond frankly said that as an actor, he can only focus on acting well in his roles. Whatever the boss wants him to do, he will do. "You can not change the opinions of executive management. If you insist on changing things to meet your own needs, it may cause a chain reaction from others and cause disruption. That's why I just focus on doing my own part well. There is no need for me to pay attention to the internal politics at TVB."

Challenging the Big Screen
Raymond will be filming a movie later this year. But Raymond said that he could not reveal too many details about his character at this time. But in the future, he is very interested in playing a schizophrenic character in a movie. "As long as everyone enjoys it, I can play any character. As for singing, when my schedule and opportunity permit, I would like to release my own music album."

Raymond comes from a wealthy family and good education background. But Raymond said, "In the past, I saw and learned so much. But I chose to go into the entertainment industry, so I must continue along this path and do my best. People who like me will know what kind of person I am. Even people who do not like me want to get to know me better."

During the interview, reporters noticed that Raymond had many cute cartoon pictures with him. Raymond said that the gifts are from his fans, as they know he likes Doremon.

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